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Australia has so much to offer its residents from the over 10,000 beaches, its rich and healthy lifestyle, not to mention its outstanding natural beauty and unique native wildlife but it has something much more useful to offer too.

Every year thousands of international students travel to Australia from all over the world to benefit from its outstanding education system. Students in Australia are free to choose from one of more than 20,000 courses in over 1,000 institutions and get exactly the right education they need.

The quality of education is important, but another significant aspect of choosing a location or university is student life. Australia, in fact, houses six of the forty best student cities in the world. A survey in 2012 even revealed that 88% of international student respondents are satisfied or very satisfied with living in Australia. This is not surprising, as Australia is considered to be the fourth happiest country in the world.

Welcoming Multicultural Society

In Australia, you will find an incredibly diverse population, with people from over 200 countries calling this sunny nation home. This multiculturalism has created a friendly and safe society that is open to new cultures and ideas, making it easier for international students to settle in and feel comfortable in their surroundings.

It is clear that there are many great benefits of studying in Australia – earning a qualification from an internationally-recognized institution, living in one of the world’s happiest countries and being welcomed into a multi-cultural society.

Cost of Studying

Although the cost of studying in Australia can be expensive for international students, there are a number of scholarships and financial assistance programs available to help reduce the burden.

Universities often offer generous discounts to international students and some employers are willing to provide sponsorship. With careful planning and research, it is possible to find ways to reduce your expenses so you can focus on getting the education you need.

A Student Visa also allows students to work in a part-time job of up to 40 hours every two weeks. This can help you to pay for some of your living costs but it will not be enough to cover all your costs so you need to ensure you have adeuate funds to support yourself.

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Student Visa Application Process

Obtain an unconditional offer of admission from an Australian university or college

This means that you have satisfied all the requirements of the institution and have met the entry requirements including any required English language testing. Organise funding to cover your living expenses, course fees and other costs associated with studying in Australia.Check if you need a student visa or a visitor’s visa to study in Australia. Complete

Obtain a valid Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC)

This is essential to secure a student visa, as it is an Australian government requirement. OSHC provides access to medical care and treatments while you are in Australia. It can be purchased from your chosen university or college, or from a number of private organizations. Prices range from around $350 – $700 for 6-12 months depending on the organization and level of cover.

Obtain a Confirmation of Enrollment form from your Educational Institution

It confirms that you have been accepted into the course and gives information about your tuition fees, course duration and start and end dates. You will need to submit this form to the Department of Home Affairs (DHA) when applying for your student visa.

Submit a Student Visa Application

Now we can submit your application! We must include information about your study plans, personal details and financial documents. You must also provide documentation such as your passport and health cover certificates. Once you have completed these steps and had your student visa approved, you can begin the exciting journey of studying in Australia!

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